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This TPU web site is the last version from when someone was actively running TPU. I've preserved it here, since something is better than nothing. However, TPU is currently dead. Contact me if you have some grand scheme for reviving it. --Ed.

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Welcome to TPU

Teen Programmers Unite was formed in the summer of 1996 by and for teenaged computer programmers worldwide. The organization's goal is to help people who fit into this growing category socialize, exchange ideas, perhaps work together on something, and learn.

The box to the left shows some of the services which TPU provides. Our primary means of communication is via our Mailing List and Internet Relay Chat channel. To get an idea of other TPU services and learn more about TPU itself, read the About section.


8 March 2005

The new TPU is established and mostly working. Anyone who wants their blog added to Planet TPU, or wants to start an Interest Group should contact gian at tpu dot org.

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